Food for Thought

They tease you about how quickly you go through razor blades,

But fail to notice that you haven’t shaved.


Two, Four, Six, Eight – hours you’re supposed to wait

Four, Eight, Twelve – but there’s no more meds on the shelves

Three, Six, Nine – the number of pills you took this time


You’re an emotional crier,

But you haven’t felt a thing in months.


The life of the party, the loudest in the room,

You’re so fun!

Because no one can hear you screaming when you’re laughing.


The walls are closing in, there is no escape;

Only when you’ve been crushed do you realize the panic chord

Was in your hand the whole time.

Because can’t and won’t are two very different beasts.


You’re admirable for your strength, for your will – a survivalist –

Even while eating yourself alive.