New Flames 

Crash and burn all the same, and yet they hurt more.

That –  



Burn you to your CORE 

Intensity – 

Means nothing when you realize 

You started the fire yourself. 


Home Inside

Home is the terror claiming me as I watch you go,

The lines etched into my face by the knife of sadness,

For a moment – I think I’m dying

Love is an animal, caged in the gaps between the sheets

It is violence trapped, meant to be choked on, stumbled over

Home is the ferocity of my nails on your back

Promises, wishes, dreams – gouged deeper and deeper yet,

So like my lingering sorrow, you ache for me when you leave

Home is the subtle wink given across the room,

The sharp pain within my chest at the sound of your voice,

Claw-like hands prying apart my bones to burrow inside

Where I keep you, where you rattle in the chains of me even after you’ve gone

Where romance is a horror to behold, touch is beastly and your kisses burn into me,

For I am branded with you, as you are scarred by me

There is further yet to go – into my splitting veins, slithering behind my eyes

Inside me a beautiful ruin, charred into stillness,

Breathless with the love of you,