Always and Forever

I will follow you into the dark

Always and forever,

Where goodbyes chase us to the ends

Of the earth

And back again

I will follow you

I will find you

We will be together again

Always and forever.

I would have never let you go

You never would have slept again

I would have always been at your side

Where I should have been

I would have held you up every second of every day

Because a thousand years

With you would never have been


I need you,

I need you more than you need me

I need you every day

I always will



I’m sorry.


I don’t say.

Because I’m not – because you drove me to this;

With endless bliss, with blinding happiness.


Yesterday I could hardly bare to look at you

Who pulled me apart,

To thread us together at the seam;

Yet what had been was only a dream.


Today your love is a blessing I resist.

You grasp at pointed fragments of a person

who does not exist; while I hide the scars from the edges

you’ve gouged me with.


And tomorrow?


I’ll wish I tried harder

than I did.


Don’t say it too Loudly

It’s almost funny, our fear of letters

The smallest most dangerous ones,

We fret over the scariest sounds – hate, alone, love

Chills erupt over our skin as the syllables escape the reach of our tongues

Our teeth chomp in a frenzy to get them back,

Gobbling up the words with gasps of breath to suck them in to safety again

Love lingers in the air about us, it is a pervasive cloud, wriggling under our fingernails and digging deep down inside our ears – around chests it bangs, a goblin rattling our ribs, a creature that caresses our spines

Love is a fear itself, it is a fearsome word to hear – we dodge its needy touch and scramble our hands up over our mouths to evade its kiss

Love is a fear to say – we thrust our fingers out to catch the little letters, whispered or screamed, they glimmer in the air as our hands flail around them

We hurry to get a hold on the simplest of voices, knot our hands into fists around our throats so tightly no one else can see

Words run off of our lips, echo in space, gorge on our emotions

Dread the words we refuse to speak

We hold them in our mouths – the sharpened curves of vowels slicing through our skin, they are the razors we shake between our cheeks

Lava-like liquid the words that escape, the utterances that shatter our control, scar the ones we spit them at – burn them to nothing beneath our boiling voices

We swallow them back.

We say them quietly.

Words are untrustworthy when unbound.


Home Inside

Home is the terror claiming me as I watch you go,

The lines etched into my face by the knife of sadness,

For a moment – I think I’m dying

Love is an animal, caged in the gaps between the sheets

It is violence trapped, meant to be choked on, stumbled over

Home is the ferocity of my nails on your back

Promises, wishes, dreams – gouged deeper and deeper yet,

So like my lingering sorrow, you ache for me when you leave

Home is the subtle wink given across the room,

The sharp pain within my chest at the sound of your voice,

Claw-like hands prying apart my bones to burrow inside

Where I keep you, where you rattle in the chains of me even after you’ve gone

Where romance is a horror to behold, touch is beastly and your kisses burn into me,

For I am branded with you, as you are scarred by me

There is further yet to go – into my splitting veins, slithering behind my eyes

Inside me a beautiful ruin, charred into stillness,

Breathless with the love of you,